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The UK Gallery Dedicated To Lenticular Art Prints

Welcome To The Lenticular Art Gallery

Lenticular Gallery

Contemporary art prints and limited edition photography from Lenticular Gallery Kent

Welcome to The Lenticular Art Gallery, an online exhibition of unique, original art prints. We work with contemporary artists and photographers to produce exceptional lenticular artworks for collectors and buyers across the UK and worldwide.

Lenticular art has been around since double portraits were created on corrugated surfaces by painters in the 1500s. Today, a diverse range of artists and photographers use lenticular printing to create unique three-dimensional and animated pieces where the print is the original artwork, and can only be understood in it's final, printed form.

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Lenticular printing services for artists

We are always looking for artists and photographers to work with; we're excited by ideas, and can help you fund the cost of producing gallery quality art prints with your future sales, hugely reducing the up-front costs that can exclude artists from experimenting with lenticular artwork.

Our online art gallery spans modern, abstract, photographic, digital, street art and pop art styles and influences, so whatever your art and whoever you are; we love helping creatives explore the unique lenticular medium, and to find an audience for their original art prints.


Lenticular Artists


Lenticular Gallery

Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing brings depth, movement and layers to the flat 2D medium. At first explored in painting and original artworks with corrugated surfaces in the 1500s, contemporary printing for artwork uses a layer of lenses over expertly prepared print, ensuring incredibly precise lenticular effects.

Explored by painters, photographers, sculptors, architects, filmmakers and mixed media digital artists, lenticular effects have the power to surprise, and to draw a viewer into an artwork with the simple interaction of movement. Modern printing techniques have made this more impactful and precise than ever before, and are attracting both established and fresh talents to experiment and play with lenticular art prints.

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