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Cyrille Charro Lenticular Art Prints

Cyrille Charro is a French and Lebanese art photographer who has lived in London, UK, since 2005.

From his early career as a fashion and commercial photographer, Cyrille's portraits have explored themes including disconnection, identity, and schizophrenic dualities of humanity such as attraction and repulsion.

Seeking to produce increasingly impactful and provocative images, he soon began to focus on artistic portrait photography, escaping the creative boundaries of commercial work for more intimate, intense and considered artistic pictures.

His work and original art prints were first installed in 2008 at an emerging French art gallery on Place des Vosges in Paris, and Cyrille's work began to be more widely noticed by photography and print collectors across the European art market, fairs and auction houses.

Encouraged by the art gallery he began exploring the lenticular art print medium in 2013, finding that the illusions of depth and movement offered incredible creative opportunities. Suddenly the medium itself plays with ideas of individuality and perception: two viewers standing next to each other are experiencing a lenticular artwork completely differently.

Lenticular art prints have proven to be a revelation, inspiring Cyrille to focus exclusively on lenticular artworks, and we're extremely excited to be working with him producing, exhibiting and selling his pieces through The Lenticular Online Gallery in Kent.

You can find about more about Cyrille and his photographic work on his website:


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