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Mark Davies artist, lenticular art prints

Mark Davies is a UK mixed media artist from Bedfordshire. He studied fine arts taking inspiration from Piero Della Francesca, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and surrealist Salvador Dali, and built a reputation as a storyteller artist after a well received series of  digital art prints depicting classic fairytales, with a uniquely sinister twist.

Davies original art prints are typically highly detailed; full of multi-layered narratives, hiding qualities of morality within them to be searched out by the viewer, inviting closer inspection and interaction between viewer and art.

After the success of his fairytales range Davies has expanded his artwork to include stage, cinema, and film productions, embracing the nostalgia and atmosphere of a range of modern classics, that has seen him exhibited in galleries like the respected London Mall Art Gallery, and theatre venues including the London Playhouse and Fortune Theatre.

I always strived to create art with meaning, something to make you think and seek out the concept hidden within. I'm not quite sure what provoked me to create these dark and surreal pieces when I was lucky enough to enjoy a sheltered upbringing with no hurt or trauma; I guess it just comes down to acknowledging that it is simply how you are made up. I was never one to have much self confidence, but through drawing and painting I felt like I had something to say.”

Davies cemented his style with his Storyteller collection developed from fairy tales, after finding the original author's versions were often far darker and more disturbing than the popular versions found in children's books today. It wasn't a big step to start injecting his own subtle narrative notes and themes into collections of art prints.

What really inspired me is meeting collectors who found a personal connection in my original artworks; for my narratives to appeal to them for so many reasons, and often find that even in a dark piece, there's always a light shone into that darkness”

In addition to Mark's art prints available at our Kent art gallery, you can find more of Mark Davies work on his website at

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