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Massimo Agostinelli Lenticular Art Prints

Massimo Agostinelli is an Italian-American, London-born contemporary artist from Manhattan, New York, living and working in Switzerland.

He graduated from Webster University whilst pursuing apprenticeships in typesetting and typography, as well as other forms of printmaking, and had his first original prints exhibited at a London art gallery in 2014. Combining iconic and pop culture images with palindromes in bold typesetting, his art prints immediately reflected his experience with typography.

The fascination with words continued into artworks featuring pop cultural icons, with their bold typeset names morphing into anagrams commenting on them through lenticular print animation; so 'The Mona Lisa' becomes 'Ah not a smile'.

More solo art gallery exhibits followed in London and internationally, and from 2017 Massimo began a series of interventions; performance artworks installed at Switzerland's Art Basel fair, critiquing and commenting on Art Basel, and works by artists including Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichenstein, and Mark Rothko.

The interventions expanded to London and the 2019 Frieze Art Fair, a year which also saw the creation of a palindrome diptych artwork for the Michelin starred Marea restaurants in New York and Dubai, and an expanding range of work with philanthropic organisations including UNICEF, AmfAR, the Laureus Foundation, and the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, of which Agostinelli is a founding patron.

Massimo specialises in drawing, painting and printmaking, primarily working with typography, digital art styles and various forms of word play. He focuses on traditional and innovative cutting edge technologies, using a wide variety of mediums and techniques, within a diverse spectrum of crafts; Massimo is an artist embracing lenticular art prints as an intrinsic feature of the original artwork and its meaning, and we're excited to feature his artwork here in the Lenticular Online Art Gallery, just outside London in Kent.

You can learn more about Massimo and his art prints and other work on his website at


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