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Natalie Goldstein Lenticular Photography Art Prints

Natalie Goldstein's artistic career began in front of camera as a model, where she found constant fascination in how the tiniest movement in a pose caught the light a little differently, and could create such dramatic and beautiful differences in the images. Moving behind the camera to learn photography was all about exploring a deeper relationship with her own artistic perspective.

Developing her technique working with photographers like Wolfgang Mustain, Tony McGee, Barry Latigon and Willy Camden, Natalie's early portrait artworks soon progressed to an aesthetic fascination with the human form, and the art of figurative photography.

Having grown up surrounded by fashion culture, she immersed herself in art and style magazines, great photography, and the work of designers, like Versace, who focused on a celebration of the aesthetics of the female form, realising that emotionally impactful photography prints existed in a place beyond fashion shoots focusing on the clothes.

Taking inspiration from artists as diverse as Da Vinci, Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon and Herb Ritts, Natalie's figurative fine art photography projects athleticism, grace, elegance, and power; pushing beyond fashion photography, and into iconic and timeless explorations of personality and character which often play with provocation and suggestion.

Her lenticular art prints blend photography with film to capture the energy, actions and movements of the human form through time. Sometimes framed in a perfectly lit studio, sometimes with the flickering effect of video art or even taking on the bold colours and repetitions of Andy Warhol's Pop Art prints; we're excited to welcome several of Natalie's lenticular photography pieces to The Lenticular Gallery art collection, and look forward to helping her continue to realise these striking original art prints.

To find out more about Natalie Goldstein's work, visit her website at


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