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Cyrille Charro - Hikari

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Hikari by Cyrille Charro

Artwork Description

Hikari is a lenticular photographic portrait by Cyrille Charro, created from multiple photographs of small areas of detail on a model's face, illuminated in darkness by a narrow torchlight beam. Layered together into a singular lenticular art print, we see the various lighting states and portions of her face, with the image of the whole becoming more apparent the more quickly you pass back and forth.


Tiny portions of a relaxed face lit up in a dark void conjure feelings of both mystery and calm, and this work also highlights one of Charro's fascinations with original lenticular artworks; two viewers looking at the same piece experience it wholly differently, and with Hikari, one viewer may see her whole face, whilst another sees just a wisp of hair.


Created in black and white monochrome with UV printing onto premium lenticular art lenses, each of these special edition original art prints is finished in a box frame with UV reflective glass in our online London art shop.


As with all original photographic artwork available to buy at our Kent art gallery, we provide Tagsmart verification certificates assuring art collectors of the authenticity of these original art prints, and recording their proof of ownership.


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