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Gillian Linden

Gillian Linden was born in London. She attended the Arts Educational School in
London and also studied fine art at the Paris American Academy, Paris.
Her journey to date has led her to reinvent her artwork, as a digital artist, creating
her own style of fine figurative artwork and crossing her work over to the urban art
and pop art movement. Through her astute observations and sharp humour she
represents a unique perspective on modern and popular culture.
Her narrative of work with the human form, explores many forms of desire,
identity, loss, sadness, and vulnerability. Gillian asks her viewers to make their
own interpretations by challenging the thought process
The majority of her work to date explores her fascination with a rabbit form,
morphing itself into many different carnations within a surreal world.
She uses a variety of mediums to recreate her 3d compositions. Each piece of
artwork is created by assembling a complexed system of digital layers, using her
own geometric, abstract, or figurative drawing forms to recreate a world of either
reality or abstract surrealism.
Gillian’s work is mostly sold to private collectors. Her work has been exhibited
amongst many of the iconic artist’s in the world of the urban/pop art movement.
Most recently her work featured at the “Urban Interventions ll” 2020 exhibition
alongside Banksy, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat to name a

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