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Lenticular art print services for artists and photographers

Lenticular art prints have been around for many years, but the technique has always been on the periphery for a number of reasons, such as the technical complexity and considerable costs.

The Lenticular Gallery was born from a concept that lenticular printing should be just as available to artists as silkscreen, giclee or any other traditional printing process, so our services to artists, designers and photographers aim specifically at achieving that.

We have put together a team with extensive understanding of creating art gallery standard lenticular art prints, who can guide and support artists throughout to ensure a truly exceptional finished piece.

Our online art gallery also works differently to a traditional printing company in how we charge for our work. We guarantee no upfront costs; each piece is made to order in a print-on-demand style system that pays for itself as each artwork is sold. Our team take care of all fulfillment, packaging, and delivery, and costs are reduced further by keeping our commission rate much lower than any traditional UK art gallery.


Our lenticular printing services for artists include:

Preparation of artwork for lenticular print

Modern lenticular art uses a layer of lenses, printed with a specially prepared image that aligns with the lenses to reveal only parts of the image at any time, allowing the various illusions of movement and depth. Preparing these prints takes some experience and our in-house digital imaging team can offer over 20 years of experience to guide you, and your images, through the process successfully.


Flexibility on print runs and a range of specifications

Keep things limited edition or open ended, choose almost any size, incorporate a lightbox, and set your prices; most aspects of your print run can be bespoke adjusted. All artworks are printed on premium PETG lenticular lenses using UV inks, and are professionally box framed so they are ready to hang on arrival.


Tagsmart authentication is standard for all lenticular art prints

We are authorised by Tagsmart (, the world's leading certification registrar for fine art, to issue individually verified, Tagsmart-secured, Certificates of Authenticity; these identify the owner of the piece, and confirm that the artwork is an original lenticular art print approved by the artist.

The Tagsmart COA links to an online account where ownership of the artwork can be transferred, and further options such as blockchain registration and other digital audit and verification functions can be applied. You can confirm our registration under partner code GA6T6 at


Gallery display and promotion

Once your print is prepared we create an artist page in our online art gallery, providing a biography and links to order copies, and recommend that artists also promote the prints through their own networks and followings.


Prints are only produced once they are ordered, quickly moving through our production system and quality inspected at every stage to ensure an art gallery-standard finish. We take care of packaging and delivery to the buyer, anywhere in the world; everything is included in the purchase price.



Lenticular art prints are for every kind of artist

The Lenticular Art Gallery includes a wide diversity of art forms; photography, mixed-media collage, digital manipulation, graphic design, painting, sketching, cinematography, and animation all feature in styles like pop art, street art, cinema, modernism, digital art, and fashion photography.

Lenticular print allows artists to blend forms, incorporate movement, and create remarkable illusions of depth, allowing the viewer to interact with the artwork by moving back and forth past it; the medium creates a unique viewing experience, and our 20 years of experience realising all kinds of high end print, ensure you can fully realise your lenticular art vision.

To learn more about the many possibilities of lenticular art prints and the structure of our art gallery, or to discuss a project you have in mind, contact us today and we can help start making it a reality.


Lenticular art prints for artists, painters, photographers, and designers

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