Planet Earth / Eternal Path
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Massimo Agostinelli - Planet Earth / Eternal Path

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Planet Earth / Eternal Path by Massimo Agostinelli

Artwork Description

Planet Earth / Eternal Path is a lenticular art print from the Anagram Series 2021 by Massimo Agostinelli. Blending his multitude skills in typography, printmaking, graphic art, and digital design, with a format of lenticular art well developed through previous works, Planet Earth / Eternal Path layers changing anagram typography over a photograph of the planet Earth in a field of stars.


The layers shift perspective for three dimensional effect as you pass the image, making full use of the lenticular print medium and, very literally, picturing the Earth in its eternal path through space.


Each of these modern art prints is produced in our own Kent print shop to art gallery standard by an expert team. UV printed onto premium PETG lenticular lenses, each special edition artwork is mounted in a box frame fronted with anti-reflective UV glass.


To assure buyers and collectors every piece is registered for authenticity and ownership through the Tagsmart verification system in London, which can include optional blockchain registration as an NFT.


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