Sylphe 1
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Cyrille Charro - Sylphe 1

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Sylphe 1 by Cyrille Charro

Artwork Description

Sylphe 1 by Cyrille Charro is a photographic portrait study, using the cinema-like frame by frame lenticular animation effect to create an illusion of a moving image, documenting a short moment in time through an original art print.


Sylphe focuses on a backlit young woman in profile within a black void, slowly exhaling cigarette smoke into the frame. Beautifully photographed in black and white monochrome, the lenticular animation shifts your focus from the face to the billowing cloud of smoke as it reaches up; or draws you towards the face if you pass by in the opposite direction, driving time backwards.


The Sylphe 1 piece also has a companion art print available in our online art gallery; Sylphe 2. Both are produced to the highest quality standards, UV printed onto premium PETG lenticular art lenses and cleanly finished in a box frame with anti-reflective UV glass all at our art print shop.


As with all limited edition art prints produced in our Kent art gallery, this lenticular art print is available to buy with full registration for authenticity and ownership through Tagsmart in London, including optional blockchain registration for art collector's assurance of an original artwork, approved by the artist.


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