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Natalie Goldstein - UK and USA United

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UK and USA United by Natalie Goldstein

Artwork Description

Double portraits were one of the earliest forms of lenticular art, and Natalie Goldstein's UK and USA United is a striking double figurative portrait art print of female dancers styled with the colours, flags and motifs of the cross-Atlantic 'special relationship' of the UK and USA.


Goldstein discovered photography through fashion and the elaborate costumes and body paintings of the figures offer much of bold high fashion styling, posing and make up in vibrant shades of red, white, blue and gold, with each character distinct and reflecting on the iconography and personality of each nation.


Beautifully photographed by Goldstein, this lenticular art print changes from one portrait to the other as you move past it, achieved with exceptional precision through premium PETG lenticular lenses and UV printing.


Box framed with anti-reflective glass, each of these original art prints sold through The Lenticular Online Art Gallery in Kent is registered with Tagsmart for authenticity, and to record proof of ownership.


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