Wild is a wind
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Derrick Santini - Wild is a wind

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Wild is a wind by Derrick Santini

Artwork Description

Wild is a Wind by Derrick Santini utilises lenticular frame by frame animation to capture an embrace between a female model, dressed in white with wild, windswept hair, and a an elegant swan which dominates the centre of the art print.


Looping this few seconds in time as most of his pieces do, Santini documents a moment of interaction between two characters in an imagined world left to our imagination in the black void behind the figures.


Santini's work often blends influence from his early fashion photography with a desire to create fantastical and surreal moments in time through the lenticular art medium, and this art print is produced to gallery standard with UV inks on premium PETG lenses providing the illusion of motion.


Our special edition Derrick Santini art prints are sold to collectors with Proof of ownership and authenticity registered through the Tagsmart art registrar.


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